In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we have we are able to offer with support and advice at the level of financing, the most widely used forms of financing investments include leasing and credit.

We offer you:

  • individual advice
  • our independence from banks
  • cooperation with German and foreign leasing companies
  • competence and years of experience

Individual solution especially for you

It is a good idea to plan your investment in such a way that:

  • protect your own bank’s credit lines
  • maintain financial liquidity
  • reate financing tailored to your needs
  • plan security, and thus the maximum added value for your investment and your business.


Start a new investment with low rates and decide only after the rental period expires, whether you continue to use the hall or want to buy it.


Financing the purchase of real estate enables the integration of financing and saving services, as well as the use of other depreciation. They create fixed rates during the funding period a reliable basis for calculations.


The quality of our halls allows us to extend the warranty, even up to 10 years, it is enough to take advantage of our warranty and post-warranty inspections package.


The first assembly is guaranteed, however, if you decide to change the location of the hall or expand it, while maintaining or extending the warranty, we are here to help.


We offer comprehensive technical advice, already at the selection level, we will help you to optimally adjust the product to your needs, taking into account all expectations and future development plans.

If you have any questions, contact us:

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