Multi-pitched roof warehouse hall structures


HugeHalls is a manufacturer with extensive experience in the construction of modern warehouse hall structures of various sizes, designed for many industries and business branches. As one of the few manufacturers on the market, we manufacture hall structures with a multi-gable roof. This year-round hall structure, which compared to a warehouse hall with a gable roof, stands out thanks to the larger cubature and meets higher standards of snow load. The high ridge makes the hall very spacious inside, which ensures greater use applications. Due to its considerable cubature, it is the only hall structure intended for aviation.

Multi-pitched roof hall structures are ideal as production plants, warehouses for equipment and goods of all kinds. This type of construction allows for a very fast production and assembly offering several thousand m² of space, which make it a safe and economical warehouse. Excellent technical parameters of the spans allow to place this type of halls as year-round structures, suitable for significant snow and wind loads. The highest quality of materials used makes the entire hall structure very durable and environmentally friendly – this translates into low costs of use and maintenance.

It is possible to use a variety of walls: PVC, trapezoidal sheet metal, sandwich panel as well as a variety of joining. The construction of the hall allows for unlimited expansion of the structure according to the customer’s needs, as well as division of internal space which can be achieved by dividing the structure into warehouse zones. This steel hall structure also offers great mobility and flexibility: it can be moved repeatedly to a new location.

Thanks to the different degrees of thermal insulation, hall structures of this type are used as hangars, as they maintain optimal temperature and low level of humidity inside, regardless of external conditions. It is an ideal solution for holding helicopters and aircraft, which allows keeping the fleet in perfect technical condition. The wide-span design will allow for holding large wingspan planes. The open space of the hangar will also ensure comfortable holding of several smaller aircrafts under one roof.

This multi-pitched roof hall structure can be equipped with gates (sliding or sectional, manual or electric), doors, windows, roof (ridge or sloping), wall (side or top), gravity or mechanical ventilation and guttering.

HugeHalls has more than 15 years of experience in the industry and more than 3,000 projects completed according to customer expectations and requirements. Our production hall structures guarantee efficient logistics, with a fast lead time and an unbeatable price compared to traditional constructions.


Advantages of multi-pitched roof steel hall structures

  • CE certified quality - quality standard 1090
  • Heavy duty hot-dip galvanized steel construction
  • The highest snow load standards
  • Higher height in the ridge (as compared to a pitched roof hall structure)
  • Higher cubic capacity - higher storage capacity
  • Without columns and supports inside the hall up to a width of 40 m
  • Several dozens of years of service life
  • No need for foundation


Widthfrom 8 m to 40 m
Height of side wallsfrom 3 m to 6 m
Roof shapemulti-pitched
Type of constructionsteel
RoofPVC only
Wallssandwich panel of different thicknesses adapted to the required temperature inside the hall or sheet metal
900 g/m² PVC fire certificated material
50 mm trapezoidal sheet
sandwich panel 40 mm / 120 mm
Snow loadup to 350 kg/m²


  • Aviation halls
  • Warehouses
  • Sports halls
  • Horse riding arenas
  • Production plants
  • Agricultural halls