Mobile poultry housing systems


The growing awareness of a healthy lifestyle and needs of consumers, who choose free range or organic eggs, have made mobile poultry housing systems increasingly popular in Europe. This is an inexpensive solution that allows you to easily move poultry within the farm and completely change the location of the coop.

HugeHalls offers fully mobile poultry housing systems for organic poultry breeding, including laying hens, chicks, broilers, ducks and quails, guaranteeing the best conditions for commercial, as well as professional, ecological and free-range breeding. This is an excellent alternative to traditional brick buildings, as you receive the product in a short time and at a low price. Mobile poultry housing systems pursuant to law can be erected on the farm without a permit.

Mobilne kurniki zbudowane są z troską o dobrostan zwierząt, tworząc najlepsze środowisko do efektywnego zarządzania stadem. W porównaniu z tradycyjnymi budynkami, mobilne kurniki oferują znacznie większą elastyczność w gospodarstwie. Są łatwe w czyszczeniu i dezynfekcji, co pomaga uchronić zwierzęta przed rozprzestrzenianiem się chorób. Budynki tworzą również idealną przestrzeń do ochrony stada przed zmiennymi warunkami atmosferycznymi, jednocześnie ptaki mają łatwy dostęp do świeżego powietrza, wody oraz paszy. 


Our poultry housing systems are available in two versions:

  • Non-equipped version (basic)
  • Fully equipped version


  • Bio/Eko/Organic eggs -maximum number of hens is 75
  • Free-range eggs - maximum number of hens is 110


  • Bell or nipple watering system
  • Waterproof 15 mm plywood floor
  • Automatic drive chicken nesting walls
  • Feeders with a capacity of 20 kg
  • 200L stormwater attenuation tank
  • Feeding basket with feeding line with four feeders, electrically powered 24V (stainless steel basket)
  • Waste drawer - on wheels and rails made of waterproof plywood 12 mm
  • Automatic feeding line 220V/24V
  • 24 V photovoltaic or electrically-open flap lighting system
  • Electronic control of the chicken coop, e.g. flaps, photovoltaic panels, cameras 24/7
  • Possibility to control the coop remotely over the phone.

To meet the needs and requirements of our customers, we implement custom sizes of poultry housing systems. Mobile poultry housing systems for a larger number of hens - up to 300 - 500 pcs.


Advantages of mobile poultry housing systems:

  • Short implementation time - approximately 8 weeks
  • Ready for use
  • Low investment cost
  • Compliant with all hygiene standards - easy to clean and disinfect
  • Full mobility - depending on the change dynamics in the company/farm
  • Easy access to runway, water and feed
  • Possibility of organic farming


Dimensions6 x 2,4 x 2,6 m
Weight1200 kg
Drawbarball or towing eye, removable, hot-dip galvanised
Wheelsremovable, hydraulically lifted
Walls and roof40 mm thick double-sided polyurethane sandwich panel
Floorsubstructure with plastic grating
Optional equipmentsockets, gutters, ventilation


  • Commercial - organic and free-range farming