Mobile pasture shelters


Mobile pasture shelters are a perfect solution if you want to provide animal shelter, anywhere regardless  of the time of the year. The main role of mobile shelters is to protect against adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun, and when installing side walls, also to protect against wind. Due to the high flexibility and durability of the material, pasture shelters can also serve as mobile shelters for all kinds of agricultural machinery, vehicles and for storing small amounts of wood or hay. Pasture shelters are also ideal for household use as a shed for storing bicycles, cars and gardening equipment.

Flexibility and the possibility of configuring shelters, adapting them to the individual needs of the customer are the main advantages. Pasture shelters can be combined and lined up, enlarging the covered space while the roof retains its continuity ensuring protection against the elements.

Fencing elements and roof structures are made of hot-dip galvanized round 2mm thick pipes. The high quality of used materials and workmanship, guarantee high durability even in adverse weather conditions. For the protection of mobile pastures, an anchoring system is used, consisting of anchors made of thick-walled pipes driven deep into the ground, fastened to the shed with fencing clamps. The mobile shelter is covered with a PVC fabric membrane. Roof membrane, gable walls and side guards are available in many lengths and colours.


  • Various gable walls (PVC fabric membrane, wind mesh)
  • Long side wind grids
  • PVC wall and roof extension
  • Ground anchoring system
  • A combination of 3, 4 and 5 meter panels and gates.


Advantages of pasture shelters

  • Quick and easy assembly and installation
  • Flexible, all-year-round use
  • Any size and coverage configurations available
  • Mobility - possibility to change location
  • Functional protection of machines and animals


Widthup to 6 m
Lengthup to 6 m
Areaup to 36 m²
Heightup to 3,6 m
Sheathing670g/m² PVC, available in several colours
Roofing3 types available: short, long and extended
Peak wallsavailable materials, always with a tensioning tube and belt system:
Wind mesh
1/3 wind mesh and 2/3 PVC fabric membrane, with or without tarpaulin, with a top width of 3m, 4m and 6m
Side wallsPVC, wind mesh


  • Pasture shelter
  • Mobile cubicles for animals
  • Horse sheds
  • Cattle shelters
  • Garage
  • Shelter for vehicles and machines
  • Sun protection


3,0 m3,0 m2,75 m
4,0 m4,0 m3,15 m
4,0 m6,0 m3,15 m
6,0 m4,0 m3,60 m
6,0 m6,0 m3,60 m