Horse riding hall structures


Horse riding hall structures are facilities used throughout the year as an alternative to permanent buildings of this type. Professionally constructed hall structures are appreciated by riders and trainers from many riding schools. They are characterized by a very strong hot-dip galvanized steel structure. The price of such an investment is much lower as compared to a traditional brick building. The time of implementation of the investment is much shorter as well. Roofed horse riding halls, sometimes called manèges, are light, durable and mobile due to their fast and easy assembly and disassembly.

Although these lightweight, mobile solutions do not require permanent foundations, the strength and durability of the structure based on steel profiles allows for comfortable, year-round and safe use of the riding hall for a minimum of 10 years, even in difficult weather conditions.


HugeHalls offers 2 types of hall structures dedicated to horse riding:

  • economical, open horse riding hall structures – arena-shaped manèges, in three available dimensions, covered with durable, fire-resistant PVC fabric. These hall structures are available with and without side walls. It is also possible to fit the structure with light-permeable PVC fabric, which provides natural lighting during the day. Manèges are suitable for the needs of small riding schools.
  • larger steel hall structures with a gable roof, sheathed also with a PVC tarpaulin, can serve as riding arenas, exhibition and competition structures, as well as a fully functional stables with boxes. A solid horse riding hall guarantees safety and greater resistance to snow loads in harsh weather conditions. Halls with a gable roof can be modified as needed, even during use, by adding additional segments.

HugeHalls specializes in the production of equestrian tent hall structures for customers from all over Europe. Thanks to many years of experience, we can make safe horse riding arenas tailored to the customer's needs.


Horse riding hall structures can be additionally equipped with:

  • sliding gates
  • wooden panels up to half the height of the walls
  • ventilation
  • guttering


Advantages of horse riding hall structures:

  • An economical alternative to permanent riding hall structures
  • Mobility - quick assembly and disassembly
  • Durability - minimum 10 years' life span
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Solutions tailored to the client’s needs


Diameter15,4 m, 17,5 m, 20,8 m
Height of side wallsdo 6,97 m
Roof shapemulti-pitched
Type of constructionsteel
Roof and wall sheathing900 g/m² PVC material
Snow loadup to 90 kg/m²
Wind loadup to 22.5 m/s
Technical data of a gable roof hall structuressee aluminium halls and gable roof warehouse structures


  • Year-round horse riding arenas  
  • Professional competition and show manèges and riding halls
  • Stables and sheds for horses
  • Horse riding arena
  • Hippotherapy class area


15515,40 m6,14 m
17517,50 m6,47 m
2120,80 m6,97 m