Gable roof warehouse hall structures


Steel-built gable roof warehouse hall structures are a robust solution that will provide high durability during severe weather conditions - high and low temperatures, intense rainfall, snow or gusty wind. They are intended for year-round use as an economic alternative to brick buildings, which are expensive and time-consuming to build. There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to the applications of a steel hall structure with a gable roof. The hall is ideal for snow loads up to 350 kg/m². The steel warehouse hall structure requires a building permit, which makes it a fully functional year-round facility. The cost of a steel hall compared to an aluminium hall is higher, but still significantly lower as compared to brick structures. As a result, you receive a safe, year-round warehouse with higher parameters and greater usability.

Gable  roof warehouse halls are lattice structures, which have straight or expanding side walls, a gable roof and an optimal usable height for storing all kinds of goods. The construction of a gable roof steel hall structure allows for constructing an object of several thousand m². The hall structure can serve as an industrial, production, warehouse, service, sports, equestrian  or agricultural facility. It provides safe storing area for various types of products and heavy and large equipment.

A year-round steel hall structure can be optionally equipped with: gates (sliding or sectional, manual or electric), doors, loading docks for lorries, windows, roof lighting (ridge or slope), wall mounted long lights (wall or sloped roof), gravity or mechanical ventilation and guttering.

Warehouse hall structures are safe, designed in accordance with applicable legal standards, corrosion resistant thanks to hot-dip galvanizing and easy to install. The ability to easily expand and combine several halls into complex logistics structures is a big advantage. Steel hall structures, due to their stable construction and high quality of materials used, keep internal temperature well. The internal space can also be freely divided into storage zones.

Year-round structures  are built using sandwich or sheet metal panels on the side walls and roof. It is also possible to install an insulated roof, made of a double coating of PVC material with a thermal insulation film inside, which provides perfect thermal insulation.

HugeHalls is an experienced manufacturer of halls throughout Europe. We guarantee high quality of our products and professional customer service throughout the entire investment -  from design, through production, to the construction of the hallstructure. HugeHalls steel halls are CE quality certified - quality standard 1090, which is guaranteed by annual audits of our staff and production quality.


Advantages of gable roof warehouse hall structures:

  • Year-round hall
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Resistance to severe weather conditions
  • Short production time
  • Quick assembly - the set is ready for assembly
  • Possibility of rebuilding the structure at any time
  • Flexibility in the selection of technical solutions
  • Economical operation
  • Longevity
  • Safe storage area
  • Can be mounted on various types of ground


Widthfrom 8 m to 50 m
Height of side wallsfrom 3 m to 6 m
Roof shapegable
Roof shape18 degrees
Type of constructionsteel
Roofsandwich panel or sheet metal, also PVC
Wallssandwich panel of different thicknesses adapted to the required temperature inside the hall or sheet metal, PVC walls
900 g/m² PVC fire certificated material
50 mm trapezoidal sheet
40 mm thick sandwich panel
Snow loadup to 350 kg/m²
Standard wind loadup to 24 m/s


  • All-season hall structures
  • Warehouses
  • Production plants
  • Agricultural halls
  • Sports halls
  • Horse riding arenas