GALBOX system halls made of Galver cold-formed sections


The GALBOX system is an innovative construction solution for the construction of steel, all-year-round, one- or two-pitch halls. It is made in the Gdańsk factory of the Polish manufacturer - Constraco. GALBOX is a proven system by Hugehalls. It is a good proposition for investors looking for a simple solution that guarantees the production and assembly of the hall in a short time and at an affordable price.

GALBOX is made of thin-walled Galver profiles from the same manufacturer. Galvers are made of steel strips, coated with a layer of zinc or Magnelis coating. Galver cold-formed (cold-rolled) sections (profiles) are a product of excellent quality, which is an attractive alternative to hot-rolled profiles.

The main application of the GALBOX structure are industrial halls. However, it is worth knowing that GALBOX works perfectly as a supporting structure for such objects as:

  • catering and service pavilions,
  • warehouses, shopping halls,
  • cold,
  • garages, car washes and workshops of various sizes,
  • and facilities for agriculture.

The manufacturer particularly encourages the use of constructions made of Magnelis sheets, with a 25-year warranty on coatings. The undoubted advantages of Magnelis coatings include the self-healing effect, providing excellent edge protection. Structures made of Magnelis sheets are recommended in harsh weather conditions because they have excellent corrosion resistance. However, the construction made of this material is only slightly more expensive than the construction made of galvanized sheet and it is worth using it even in less demanding conditions.

What more can be said about the quality of GALBOXes?

GALBOX constructions are manufactured with constant product quality control. The GALBOX prototype was subjected to destructive tests in order to confirm the strength and load capacity calculations of the created structural system. The design and research stage was carried out with the participation of scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology. Today, the qualitative production process is:

  • design based on the most modern calculation programs,
  • production from the highest quality materials,
  • constant quality control of production and prefabrication.

The GALBOX structure arrives at the construction site already pre-assembled, which allows for a significant reduction in assembly costs. The foundation of the GALBOX structure is simple and does not require specialized equipment. The construction does not require welding, varnishing or grinding. It is connected by screwing according to the manufacturer's precise assembly instructions.

GALBOX is fixed to the foundations with glued anchors or embedded anchors.

The most common hall equipment includes: gates (sliding or sectional, manual or electric), doors, windows, rooflights (ridge or roof), walllights (side or top), gravitational or mechanical ventilation, guttering.

In the case of the GALBOX structure, we use sheathing made of trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel.


Advantages of galbox modular halls:

  • Designed pursuant to European EUROCODE standards
  • The structure meets stringent safety standards - CE certificate - 1090-3 quality standard requirement.
  • High production quality – pursuant to the ISO 9001 system
  • Structure aesthetics and durability – smelter protected sheathings
  • Low assembly cost - quick and easy assembly thanks to the initial assembly of the hall during transport.
  • Bolts instead of welding
  • Wide design possibilities
  • Guarantee of long-term safety of use
  • Attractive  price compared to a traditional steel hall structure


Widthup to 24 m
Height of side wallsup to 7 m
Element spacingup to 6 m
Roof shapesingle-pitched, double-pitched (with solid or lattice girder)
Roof tilt angle5 to 15 degrees
Type of constructionsteel
Sheathingtrapezoidal steel sheet, sandwich panel
Snow loadup to 160 kg/m²


  • Industrial halls
  • Warehouses
  • Animal housing
  • Holiday chalets
  • Freezers and cold stores
  • Exhibition pavilions
  • Garages
  • Commercial pavilions
  • Residential houses
  • Workshops
  • Free-standing cafés