Aluminium hall structures


A warehouse hall, built in the tent technology, is a great price and functional alternative to traditional buildings. As a temporary facility, it does not require building permits, which allows for immediate commencement of investment when in urgent need for additional year-round storage space. This lightweight and durable structure with a gable roof, built with innovative aluminium profiles, is easy to assemble and disassemble. The aluminium tent hall structure was designed for used in normal weather conditions in areas of no increased snowfall. The design is developed in accordance with currently applicable construction standards, which guarantee durability, safety of use and versatility of applications. Aluminium hall structures do not require permanent foundations, and due to their functionality they meet all the requirements for modern, year-round warehouse halls. Aluminium halls offered by HugeHalls are perfect for temporary, protective, event, sports or production applications all year long.

To increase the safety of use, aluminium halls are secured directly to the ground with anchors. Any paved surface, such as crushed stone, concrete cube or asphalt can be used. The well-engineered design and construction without additional internal supports, provide fully accessible storage space, as in the case of traditional warehouse buildings.

The most popular and affordable form of a tent warehouse structure sheathing is 650 g/m² fire resistant and certified PVC tent membrane material or optionally – 800 g/m² OPAK tent membrane material (blocks out sunlight), which ensures the protection of stored goods for several years. The easy and cheap repair process . is an important advantage of the OPAK membrane, whereas the advantage of the 650 g/m² PVC material is its light transmittance, which significantly reduces electricity consumption during the day.

The walls can also be made of trapezoidal sheet metal or sandwich panels, which additionally strengthen the structure and increase thermal insulation. In the case of sandwich panel wall structures, the roof sheathing will always be made of PVC material, in accordance with legal requirements and structure characteristics. The thermal insulation of the roof in warehouse tent halls can be improved with an air-pumped roof or an insulated roof.

Aluminium hall structures can be equipped with gates (sliding or sectional, manual or electric), doors, windows, skylights (ridge or roof), wall-mounted long lights (wall or sloped roof), gravity or mechanical ventilation, guttering.

The price of a temporary  aluminium hall structure equates up to 25% of the cost of building a traditional industrial hall.

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, we have completed several thousand projects of free-standing hall structures on the European market. We have highly qualified specialists designing and manufacturing aluminium hall structures, who will comprehensively guide you through the entire process of building an aluminium hall structure - from design, through production, to assembly. We are able to meet the highest expectations of our customers.


Advantages of aluminum hall structures:

  • CE certified quality - quality standard 1090-3
  • Quick installation (up to 2 days) - no heavy equipment required
  • No need for foundations
  • Temporary facility - no need for a building permit
  • Mobility - main characteristic of temporary hall structures - possibility to change the location
  • Modular construction of elements - quick extensions of the hall structure area
  • High standard at a reasonable price


Widthfrom 6 m to 20 m, without additional internal supports (inside the hall). Larger structures can be realized as multi-nave structures.
Height of side wallsfrom 3 m to 6 m
Standard frame spacing5 m
Roof shapegable
Roof tilt angle18 degrees
Type of constructionaluminium (profile height: 170 mm and 252 mm)
Roof650 g/m² PVC material or
OPAK 800 g/m² material
Walls650 g/m² PVC material or
OPAK material 800 g/m²
trapezoidal sheet t-18 / t-35
sandwich panel 40 mm / 60 mm
Snow loadup to 20 kg/m²


  • Warehouse halls
  • Industrial halls
  • Production plants
  • Sports halls
  • Conference halls
  • Horse riding arenas
  • Service halls
  • Agricultural halls
  • Waste sorting plants