This FAQ page Frequently Asked Questions) is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions related to our halls, which arise on the bidding process that our technical support department meets. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the following questions and answers.

If you do not find answers to your questions, do not hesitate to write to us by filling in the contact form below, we will be happy to answer them.

What are the delivery costs (hall logistics)?

We provide full logistics service. We offer individual solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Delivery costs are determined individually depending on the size of the hall and the place of delivery.

Do you assemble halls?

In our wide range of services we also offer the possibility of assembling halls, in each country where we sell our products. We have a team of experienced fitters who make every effort to ensure that the installation of the hall is carried out efficiently and professionally. Customer satisfaction is the highest value.

Is the hall an object with the possibility of changing the location?

It is possible to change the location of the hall. The hall is dismantled and will be built in a new location. When planning such a change of location, of course, it is necessary to take into account the snow and wind parameters of the hall – regarding its strength.

How long will the hall last?

Our halls are halls of long-term endurance. The use of such a building is a minimum of several years. Without fear, the hall can be used for long-term storage. It is a very good investment – it does not give way to any other solutions used in the warehouse economy.

What is the warranty on the cover and for the design?

We provide a 36-month warranty on our products. The warranty period includes both the hall plating and the construction itself. During this four-year period, any defects revealed will be replaced as part of the warranty package.

Are there certificates for individual materials?

HugeHalls products are CE certified each time. The abbreviation CE is the first letters of the words Conformite Europeenne – which translates from French means that the product is produced in accordance with European Union directives. To reassure the customer that the hall meets all quality and safety standards.

Are we able to combine various materials in the plating?

In order to meet the customer’s needs, our approach to hal design is very flexible and creative. It is possible to combine different materials – to fulfill the customer’s wishes regarding the color scheme – but most importantly to improve the functionality of the object. We use solutions that help to maintain good visibility and use of daylight. Ask our trade advisor about the possibilities!

Do you have warranty and post-warranty service?

Our warranty and post-warranty service provides the customer with a complete sense of security in terms of use of the hall. The customer can always ask us for technical support – HUGEHALLS Team will be happy to help you with this. We also offer annual service reviews, even for small facilities.

What are the financing options for the hall (leasing, credit or long-term rental)?

In response to your needs, we have created a wide range of possibilities to finance the construction of facilities. We have many years of experience in leasing service and a whole range of loans for offered halls. We will also be happy to help in other solutions like long-term rental.

Do you deal with building documents and permits with offices?

Our professional team of experienced constructors will prepare for you the full documentation required by the office under whose jurisdiction is the construction site on which the hall is to be built. We also work with design offices that help to complete the formalities related to obtaining permission to build such facilities. The prepared design of the facility is the basis for applying for a permit for the construction of the hall.

What are the costs of renting equipment needed for installation?

The construction and installation of the hall requires the use of telescopic basket lift equipment, lifting equipment or forklift. If you do not have such equipment, you will be rented and delivered to the construction site for the duration of the installation of the hall. Depending on the size of the hall, the lead time of the assembly is from a few to several working days. The cost of renting is on the part of the investment – but we will be happy to help arrange such a rental – we will take care of all related procedures.

What are the deadlines for the implementation of the investment?

Our modern machine park has high production capacity. We are able to ensure that the lead time of our products is 4-8 weeks. If it is a product adapted to the specific needs of the customer production time – it may not increase significantly. Of course, you will be thoroughly informed about the deadlines for execution in the process of ordering the hall.

What are the possible floor substrates?

When planning to build a hall, it is necessary to prepare a suitable substrate under it, often the whole foundation system. Preparation of hardened e.g. concrete substrate lies with the investor. You can provide more details with our experienced sales advisor. All information and form of flooring of the hall is included in the construction project, which is always provided to the investor.

What is the point of these snow and wind parameters?

The key to choosing a campsite manufacturer is to check the snow and wind parameters in force in the area where the hall is to be erected. Without this information, we are not able to proceed with the preparation of a reliable offer. If you need a hall that is to be used for many years regardless of the weather and the season – be sure to pay close attention to these parameters and choose a hall with a structure calculated on the full snow and wind loads applicable to the zone where the hall is to be placed. Any “offers The year-round hall” with a small note “in the event of snowfall – snow, heat or disassemble” indicates that such an offer does not meet these parameters and should be excluded.