Modular stores

Portable grazing shelters

Year-round, fully functional warehouse.

Car tarpaulins

We offer aluminium tent halls that are mobile and easy to assemble.

Party/event tents

Tents intended for various types of events.

Modular hall systems

Our modular design provides optimal capabilities, in a very short time and with high quality.

Mobile hen houses

Our mobile chicken houses provide optimal poultry farming conditions.

Modular hall systems

Our modular design provides optimal possibilities in a very short time while ensuring high quality.

GALBOX system halls are made of Galver cold-formed sections

For people looking for a simple solution, easy to install, quick to produce and at an affordable price.

Agricultural halls

The perfect solution for agriculture and industry.

Warehouse halls with a multi-slope roof

This girder hall construction system covered with PVC sheathing, straight-side walls and a multi-slope roof.

Warehouse halls with a gable roof

Available in widths from 12 m to 50 m and heights from 3 m to 6 m.

Riding halls

This round, PVC-coated hall is available in diameters of 15,40 m, 17,50 m and 20,80 m.

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