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HUGEHALLS has extensive experience and knowledge in designing, producing, and assembling halls and tents with the highest functionality. Our products are distinguished by solid workmanship and guarantee safety of use, which makes us a significant reference point on the market compared to other manufacturers.

Our company specialises in creating high-quality facilities made of steel or aluminium that can be installed in various locations throughout Europe. Our halls are designed to work perfectly depending on the climate and weather conditions prevailing in a given region. Thanks to this, they provide reliable solutions, which translates into the satisfaction of our customers who willingly return to cooperate with us.
Our extensive portfolio includes various types of halls and tents, such as:
  • Warehouse halls are a perfect solution for companies looking for space to store various types of goods.
  • Agricultural halls that meet the needs of farmers, providing appropriate conditions for storing agricultural machinery, crops and animals.
  • Industrial halls are an ideal solution for manufacturing companies that need additional space to conduct their business.
  • Sports halls can be used to organise various types of sports events, training or competitions.
  • Aviation halls provide adequate space for storing and servicing airplanes and other aircraft.
  • Riding halls, dedicated to horse lovers, offer space for storing riding equipment and conducting training and competitions.
  • Party tents are a perfect solution for cultural, sports or business event organisers.
All our products are carefully designed and manufactured to meet the expectations of our customers, ensuring not only high quality, but also functionality and safety of use.

HUGEHALLS specialises in providing solutions designed to meet the individual, often non-standard needs of customers. We offer a comprehensive assembly of halls and tents in any locations on the continent. Our products are carefully tailored to unique customer requirements, ensuring high quality and functionality. Thanks to the flexibility of our solutions and the experience of our team, we can implement even the most complex projects, meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Certified safety

Steel structures offered by HUGEHALLS have been designed and manufactured in accordance with all required standards PN-EN 1990 and PN-EN 1991. The full design of the hall structure includes a technical description (with a set of statistical calculations) and a set of construction drawings of the hall and the necessary foundations.

HUGEHALLS products have all the necessary certificates - in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2 (quality management system in welding), certificates - in accordance with the EN 1090-1 standard (factory production control system) and accordance with the EN 1090-2 standard (welding certificates). The above-mentioned certificates authorise our company to mark steel structures with the CE mark and issue the European Declaration of Conformity.

Trust in HUGEHALLS is based on several key factors:

  • Professional service: We are ready to provide comprehensive customer service at every stage, from production to assistance in organising investment financing, project documentation, transport and assembly in any location throughout Europe.
  • A wide selection of halls: We offer a variety of hall types, tailored to various needs and applications, allowing our customers to choose the best solution for their specific needs.
  • Excellent quality at an affordable price: Our halls are characterised by excellent workmanship while maintaining a competitive price, which makes them an attractive option for customers looking for durable and solid structures.
  • Durable premium materials: Our halls are made of high-quality, durable premium materials, which ensure long-term durability and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Compliance with standards and certification: Our production complies with the EN 1090-2 standard and our products are CE-certified, which confirms they meet the highest quality and safety standards.
  • Guarantee of long-term safety of use: Thanks to solid workmanship and high-quality materials, our halls ensure long-term safety of use, which gives our customers confidence that their investment will be profitable for many years.
  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions and fire resistance: Our halls are resistant to extreme weather conditions, eliminating the need for snow removal. They also have a fire-resistant covering, which increases their safety.
  • Individual adaptation: We offer customers the opportunity to construct the hall themselves according to their needs, allowing us to create a perfectly tailored solution.
  • Fast and professional assembly and disassembly: Our team of specialists ensures quick and professional assembly and disassembly of the halls, which minimises the time needed to put the facility into operation.
  • Fulfilment of non-standard orders: We are flexible and ready to fulfill even the most unusual and non-standard orders to meet all the requirements of our customers.

References - our projects

1 m² Bus showroom

Large exhibition hall for 12 buses.

Steel structure with a translucent PVC roof.

Facade: glass elements / mullion and beam facade.
Warehouse with an area of ​​21 m²

Steel hall XXXL, length of 2 side aisles 250 m, width 2×40 m, sandwich-type wall panels d = 60 mm, 3

Lock structures, and roof surfaces are made of a two-layer PVC membrane.
A two-story building with a total area of ​​approx. 1800 m²

190 inhabitants
A two-story building with a total area of ​​approx. 1800 m²

190 inhabitants

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